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The following are the current terms and conditions of using the website. Please note that as a visitor/customer by using this website you are completely agreeing and abiding to all the following terms and conditions of this agreement and they have been completely understood by you without doubts. Please note that if you do not wish to accept and abide to the terms and conditions of this website advise you not to accept this agreement and do not buy any service from us. If there is any kind of modifications or edits in the following terms and conditions they will replace all previous agreements and be existent with immediate effect. entertains no contradictions or confusion from visitors or customers. The Agreement is right even if there is information or contradictions to the Terms and Conditions posted on the website. The typing errors of are reserved.

Service services will solely and exclusively be deployed for video promotion only. As a client or customer you will not upload any video or content when using our service containing nudity or inappropriate material unacceptable or not suitable for Youtube community members. You as a client or customer will not intentionally exploit the system of Please note that services in case of extreme conditions may be delivered later than the specified date specified on the order page of the webpage. This is normal and please contact support helpdesk for queries and assistance. Please refer to our Refund Policy Page to know more on refund terms and conditions. In the above context please note that late delivery does not imply COMPLETE REFUND!

Liabilities is not accountable for suspension of account, deletion of video or strikes undertaken by Youtube. The website also does not take accountability for negative messages, votes or comments. As a customer or client you are using our services at your own discretion and risk. We are not accountable for any of the consequences that may take place on account of you using this website as the buyer or customer takes 100% risk and not Please note that visitors may unsubscribe to your channel. In case this takes place please feel free to contact customer support for a feasible and suitable solution. Customers and clients cannot claim refund because of this.

Disclaimer Views is not accountable for any form or kind of damage your business may suffer as we make no express or implied guarantee of any kind. only makes use of the internet for delivering services.

Please note the above terms and conditions are subject to changes at any time. These changes will be given and effective from the date of publication and this is why visitors and customers are recommended to check in regularly and go through the above terms and conditions to avert doubt and confusion. This act is required for the continued use of

Thank you and please feel free to contact us for assistance or queries!


I appreciate your responses and that is pretty much why I keep coming back. I might open a gmail email. I think things might run better in the future. I love the efficiency of your company, and the great information that you provide on your website.


David Hurley

Just wanted to tell you how awesome I think your service is!! I've used it 4 or 5 times and each time it started so quickly and you delivered as promised……it is very difficult for me to afford using your service because my funds are so limited – but I'd rather pay you then 99 percent of the AWFUL services out there... just a sincere thank you to you guys!! There actually is honesty somewhere on the internet!!


I just want to say I appreciate what you have done for my campaign, and I'm going to bring you a lot of business. I'm closing a deal that's going to start bringing you a lot of money thank you again I look forward to future business!


I just wanted to say that I am *extremely* satisfied with the service has provided me. I received more views than what I had ordered and all within the time frame I had asked for (24 hours). I will definitely be using your services in the future!


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